consultancy & support services

EFT Corp major strength lies in the comprehensive range and high level of quality of service that they offer. Together with their range of product offering, their Clients are assured of reliable turnkey solutions delivered by a team of highly skilled Managers, Consultants and Engineers. 

Consultancy:- EFT Corp offers Management, Design and Audit services for our customers’ EFT Implementations. EFT Corp’s consultancy offering includes, pre-project planning, delivery of accurate specifications, successful business plans, meaningful project proposals and technically proficient network designs. Their highly experienced and qualified Consultants guarantee that the customer receives quality services specifically tailored to meet his needs. Since 2005 consultancy became the fastest growing sector in its business scope. 

Implementation & Integration:- Complementary to the Supply of EFT Hardware and Software solutions, EFT offers implementation services in the form of Business Analysis, Installation and Configuration, Customisation, Testing and Certification as well as Conversion Activities. This ensures that only operational Systems are delivered to the customer and are signed off to Customer Specifications. EFT thinks of itself as Partners to their Customers, rather than Vendors. 

Support:- A key requirement of any operational EFT solution is the delivery of an efficient support infrastructure. Because EFT Corp engineers are trained in the deployment, integration and maintenance of our EFT system offerings, the Customer has access to world class support services, product maintenance and upgrades as well as advice on how to utilise EFT solutions to maximise benefit.